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Incredible!! But True!!

February 2004 saw the third and longest time between events finally happen.
With the insistance of Mr Divola, michealgraham once again opened his abode to
local CRITTAHOLICS to sit amongst various pieces of Plastic Fantastics,
inhaling the sweet deadly rubber/poly perfume of long forgotten SQUEAKERS
on a warm Saturday arvo in Sydneytown. After the mixture of Fruitloops and beer,
the serious art of displaying, reminising and trading was interjected by Mr Hall
(his first time to one of our rare Sydney meets) who uncovered some of his Horde Manufacturing Treasures.
These included as seen below long unseen blueprints and molding devices as used by R&L.
This was well matched by artifacts revealed by
Brett from the South (see Totem pic). As was to be expected those present
had much to expose and proclaim, least of all Mr Divola who was merrily awaiting the
publishing date for his 'King Critter' oddessy.